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Company History

The company DSD-Dostál, a.s. is a stable and traditional company, which is a strong player in the market in the field of development and production of systems for transport and storage of bulk materials. The company's portfolio is also expanded to include other engineering products. At present, DSD-Dostál, a.s. 38 employees and operates stably not only in the Czech but also in foreign markets. The company places considerable emphasis on the quality of its products and services. That is why it has a number of regular satisfied customers from the ranks of globally important companies.

The history of DSD dates back to 1936, when a workshop was established focusing on minor locksmith work, repairs of agricultural machinery and the production of equipment for mechanization of farmsteads. In 1952, the workshop was taken over by the state and included as a production cooperative with a different range of production. It returned to private ownership only in 1991. The company DSD – KOVO s.r.o. Thanks to the influx of foreign orders, building know-how and comprehensive modernization, it was possible to gradually successfully implement even more complex projects and shorten the delivery dates of investment units. In 1998, DSD – KOVO s.r.o. transformed into a joint-stock company DSD - Dostál, a. s.

Grant programs

OP PIK Marketing - PO 2

Business development and SME competitiveness

Presentation of the company DSD-Dostál a.s. at foreign fairs

whose goal is to support the company's marketing activities through two foreign trade fairs. The company will participate in trade fairs called Powtech 2017 and 2019. At the same time, new promotional materials (brochures) with new graphics in two language versions (English, German) will be created within the project. Another of the project activities will be the transport of exhibits.

is co-financed by the European Union







The company DSD - Dostál, a.s. is the recipient of a subsidy from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic for the Development of an Innovative Pneumatic Bulk Material Transport System. This transport system is designed for various industries with a dominant focus on the construction and energy industries. The outputs will be realized on the EU market and on the market of almost 10 other countries outside the EU within the sales and service network of the company DSD -Dostál, a.s. The expected benefit is considered mainly in the form of significant energy savings in the transport of cohesive materials and also in increasing the service life of the transport equipment compared to conventional types of mechanical transport of bulk materials. During the development, scientific findings are applied in cooperation with the Center for Bulk Materials VŠB - TU Ostrava.



Dobrý den,
rádi bychom Vás informovali, že i v současné situaci firma DSD Dostál a.s. funguje plynule a v plném rozsahu. Naše firma přistoupila na dodržování preventivních opatření a prosí o kontaktování našich zaměstnanců zejména pomocí e-mailu či telefonu. Část kolegů pracuje z domu, v prostorách firmy zůstávají pracovníci výroby a THP pracovníci nutní k výrobě.

Pokud vzniknou nějaké problémy nebo výpadky, budeme o nich okamžitě informovat na titulní straně našich webových stránek.

Neváhejte zavolat nebo napsat, pokud bychom mohli pomoci s řešením Vašich výrobních problémů, uděláme maximum možného.

Věříme v solidaritu a naši národní schopnost semknout se v čase opravdových problémů.

Předseda představenstva
Ing. Pavel Dostál
tel.: + 420 773 794 190


We are pleased to inform you that even in the current situation, the company DSD Dostál a.s. gas works and in full. Our company has agreed to comply with preventive measures and asks to contact our employees, especially by e-mail or telephone. Some colleagues work from home, production workers and THP workers necessary for production remain on the company's premises.

If there are any problems or outages, we will report them on the front page of our website.

Feel free to call or write, if we can help with your production problems, do your best.

We believe in solidarity and our national ability to come together in times of correction.

Chairman of the Board
Ing. Pavel Dostál
phone: + 420 773 794 190