Bystřická 38
751 14 Dřevohostice


DSD-Dostal, a.s. offers not only the design and manufacture of technological units, but also their assembly and commissioning. For this activity, we use the services of proven partners with whom we have long-term cooperation. We try to be able to provide a comprehensive service according to customer requirements.

We are pleased to inform you that even in the current situation, the company DSD Dostál a.s. gas works and in full. Our company has agreed to comply with preventive measures and asks to contact our employees, especially by e-mail or telephone. Some colleagues work from home, production workers and THP workers necessary for production remain on the company's premises.

If there are any problems or outages, we will report them on the front page of our website.

Feel free to call or write, if we can help with your production problems, do your best.

We believe in solidarity and our national ability to come together in times of correction.

Chairman of the Board
Ing. Pavel Dostál
phone: + 420 773 794 190