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Company History

In 1936 a workshop engaged in smaller fitter work, repairs of agricultural machinery and manufacture of devices for mechanization of agricultural holdings was established. In 1952 the workshop was taken over by state and included as a facility with different assortment in a manufacturing cooperative. It has been privately owned since 1991. DSD-KOVO s.r.o. was founded. First it had to purchase the remaining assets, buy new machinery and, of course, provide work for its employees. We managed all that successfully. The company was stabilized and in 1996 even extended with an engineering department. The new department was equipped with a state-of-the-art computer hardware and AUTOCAD program. Internet introduction and installation was an important change for the better. Thanks to all these changes we got on well step by step realizing even more complicated projects and shortening delivery periods of technological units. DSD-KOVO s.r.o. was transformed into a joint stock company in 1998. DSD – DOSTÁL, a.s. has been working in the same legal form up to now.